How to join

How to become a member

To become a member of LAIFE, the organization officially applies for membership. 

The application undergoes screening process and is reviewed by the LAIFE Board. In case of positive outcome you will receive service agreement.

By signing the service agreement and service application for eduroam or/and eduGAIN, the organization becomes a member of LAIFE.

Cancellation of membership

A LAIFE member may cancel LAIFE membership at any time by sending a written request to the LAIFE operations team.

A member who does not comply with the policy may have his membership revoked (if approved by the LAIFE Board). The LAIFE operations team may issue a formal notice to a member if they have violated the policy. If the violation  has not been eliminated, the LAIFE Board can issue an official notification about the impending withdrawal of membership and the deadline for the prevention of the violation, after which the LAIFE Board can approve the suspension of the membership.

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